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Weberlane is a Canadian manufacturer that has been building quality, heavy duty trailers in Southern Ontario since the early 1980’s. With a broad range of trailers, from utility to 30 ton rock dumpers, Weberlane makes a trailer for you! Whether you’re looking for a light duty utility trailer to head to the cottage with, a heavy duty dumper to clean up your job site, or a trailer to use off road on your farm or property, we go, where you tow!

Weberlane strongly believes in delivering only quality products, and that means a careful selection process of what sub components we use as well. Whenever possible, we use all quality made components, like the quality Dexter axles, the 12V power pack systems, or European designs like the state of the art ADR braking systems on our industrial series. Weberlane trailers are distributed across North America through a vast dealer network, to provide these quality trailers as close to your doorstep as possible. Please call us to find a dealer nearest to you, or if you have custom design requirements filled to your needs, contact us directly to discuss a solution to your trailer needs today.

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Weberlane Trailers Dealer

Our mission is very simple and just as obvious: to allow you to enjoy our products with family and friends.
We understand that every moment spent on the water brings you closer to happiness, and we work daily to offer you a more than perfect product. Our corporate values ​​are deeply rooted in our services, our products and our team. Customer satisfaction comes first 100%, as do the quality and durability of our products. In addition, it is essential for us to have fun working with our customers and colleagues.

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