Savage Equipment Leasing is an exclusive sales and leasing distributor for Hydratrek Multi Puprose Amphibious Vehicles (MPAV) in Manitoba, Ontario and Québec. Hydratrek manufactures a unique line of small off road amphibious vehicles for use in  various public safety, commercial and industrial, military, and recreational applications. Based on 5 years of extensive research, engineering and testing, Hydratrek have exploded onto the small amphibious market with an extremely rugged and versatile vehicle design capable of negotiating the most challenging terrain, steep inclines, heavy sticky mud, swamps, woodlands, snow, and disaster areas such as earthquake zones and flood waters.

Each Hydratrek vehicle is hand crafted and built with the most reliable and industrialized components available. Incorporating a 100% marine-grade aluminum body, turbo-charged diesel engines, hydrostatic drive systems, bronze propellers for water propulsion, and a rubber track system, Hydratrek MPAVs are extremely powerful, dependable, and capable of serving numerous missions and purposes.


Hydratrek Multi purpose amphibious vehicles offer a set of features not found on competing models such as:

Counter rotating dual 11″ bronze props.

One handed operation from anywhere in the front seat.

27″ Ground clearance.

100% Marine grade aluminum body.